Today, the mom of Rica, IRRI’s super nice girl died. I’ve always admired Rica’s optimism and maturity on things to think she is two years younger than me. Her wit, not to mention her exceptional attitude surprises me. And so, her mom’s passing was, sad, but something that I saw coming because I can see her youngest daughter ready to conquer the world she’d choose to walk on.  I can see her eloquence, charm, and vibrant attitude shine on stage (when she presented our project activities in our Vietnam review); and especially, her faithfulness to God and how she lives her life according to God’s will amazes me. But of course, death is still a sad thing, so I have to text her something. For someone who seem to have “everything” I do not know what to say so I just texted her:

Hi Rics, so sorry about your mother’s loss. Be strong. We’re here for you.

At the back of my mind I know I’d get a witty reply. And so I did

“Thanks Rei. It’s not so hard. The past days seeing her and helping her sa ICU, I have concluded that God knows best..and whatever her thinks best for her we will accept.”

It takes more than courage to say these words right onset to the demise of a loved one. Maybe, indeed, they have conditioned themselves for this, but she is only human to admit she’s sad. She cried while relaying the news to our Kuya Caling. I wonder, when it’s my turn to be in her situation, I wish I’d still have the right presence of mind and maturity to face a similar crossroad. So as to let go for the sake of the demised. For love is unconditional and so we should know when and how to let go. Kris Aquino said in her most human form “To mom, we will never be okay. We will be missing you so much.” Death is irreversible. So it’s time to make the best out of every single day to every single person that matters.