The wandergirl

Wanderlust [won-der-luhst] n. is a German word for someone that has the strong, innate desire to rove around, or travel. I love traveling in all aspects of life — physically, emotionally, spiritually. Sometimes, I admit I wander off too much, I often get astray. But a wanderer always know how to get back, and in terms of emotional outbursts, springs back to reality.

I love traveling in different spectrum life has to offer. Not black nor white.

I love traveling between the recesses of adventure and reality. Of being practical and idealistic. Of being friendly and reserved. Obviously, bouts of epitome of contradiction sits far and few between. And as I wander, I like to wonder and deconstruct meanings and messages. I want to unpack the lessons of life that is revealed before me.

Here’s to the repository of my  narcissistic bouts, hoping to offer some lessons that I learned while embarking in every step I make out of life. I may write about various roads I take… rocky, concrete, sometimes, a walk in the cotton candy clouds. Bear with me, walk with me, learn with me.


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