Social media as advocacy tool

Today, I was veryyyyy fortunate to participate in Rappler’s “Social Media for Social Good” campaign. I have been (super) wanting to attend this workshop , but, I end up not attending (either due to work or something else).

The workshop emphasized how we can make us of our social media accounts to promote our cause. In our case, it’s promoting rice-based researches all over the world. There were a lot of takehome messages. The bonus is that, Maria Ressa was one of the speakers and it was such an joy (an early Christmas gift, if I may say), to hear her deliver a talk/presentation. It hit right into my gut. Everything she said and the rest of the Rappler team said were very useful for us, as Science Communicators and enthusiasts (I’d rather fall on the latter category).

One of the key things mentioned in the workshop is that “Advocacy communicaiton starts with YOU.” It means you would be a communication tool to get the institute’s message out there. So it is very important that your purpose is aligned to the organization’s vision in order for you to say things effectively– that caters to the mind and to the heart.

One question, however, is “Are you ready to merge your personal life with work?” After all, we were told it is best to have one account name for your all social media accounts. In my case, I use my real name on Facebook, but my pseudonym on the rest of my social media accounts. This is because I want to keep my narcississtic tendencies to myself. I am like, opening a Pandora box out there, opening my heart to multi-million online readers.

If I merge my Instagram, Twitter, and other accounts with my FB account,that means increasing the use of my social media accounts for work, and less narcissistic bouts for me. I am still wrapping my head around the idea, but I think, in a couple of weeks, I would find it doable.


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