On lessons that are 2015 and promises that are 2016

new year

Another year begins. Another 366 days of happiness, triumphs, celebrated failures, lessons learnt, and a lot more to look forward to. Surprisingly, I did not consciously make a list of “New Year Resolutions.”  For what 2015 taught me is that I knew myself better than I did the past years. While there are still mysterious boxes about myself that needs to be revealed, I know I am at this stage of my life, at least, that I know what I am made of.

  • I am still single, and I don’t give a sh*t (well, sometimes, I still do, but it’s becoming seldom now)
  • I am becoming more secure about myself, unafraid of what I don’t know, and feel okay with it (because, it’s okay not to know everything).
  • One of the most beautiful feeling is to let go of things that you cannot change. Acceptance is the key.
  • That you can’t love unconditionally. You need to feel loved to refill your tank. And it’s not called “expecting,”  you just simply deserve it.
  • That in cases when you don’t feel that “love,” you think you deserve, sometimes, you need to love yourself first (‘yung buong-buo ka. the kind of love that makes you not become hard on yourself. Not to that extent).
  • Nothing can beat kindness and humility.
  • Prayer, hard work, perseverance, and dedication gets you through your seemingly difficult assignment.
  • In difficult assignments, you just have to close your eyes and take the leap. Pray and believe that this, too, shall pass.
  • Be in a company of good-natured colleagues, who share the same core value that you have — right science with humanity.
  • It’s okay to assert your opinion.

And with these, some promises I made to myself for 2016:

  • To never forget my dream. For now, it looks blurred, but I need to search for it again.
  • To remember that there are a million paths to trudge, but God’s path is the one that will work best. Pray even harder for discernment
  • To not feel afraid to celebrate failure. But be sure to learn from mistakes.
  • To be brave enough to take risks.
  • To open up a little bit more; trust enough to let people take a peek of your heart.
  • To find ways to reignite passion.
  • To remember that love comes in all forms and inspirations.
  • To think more before I speak. But do not forget to be spontaneous.
  • To not forget the little prince that resides within me. And always go to my Asteroid B-52.
  • To no purge my friends list, but maybe put them back into “acquaintance list.”A fresh start.
  • Give back, in the best way you know how.
  • To remember that love for thyself is not equivalent to complacency.
  • To remember my uniqueness is the reason why I am here and this will take me further
  • To reflect on what is essential in the next 10 years… and remind myself to plan for 2017 (before my contract ends).

Happy New Year to me. I will turn 35 this year and I am not dreading it. I’m claiming it will be a special year.


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