That pointy life of an arrow like me

I have watched “That thing called tadhana” the second day it was showing. Last year pa lang, I have been curious about this movie na. My friends told me it’s much better than English Only, Please.

Eh ang pogi lang ni Anthony eh. :D di ko kinaya #hope

Eh ang pogi lang ni Anthony eh. 😀 di ko kinaya #hope (Photo courtesy of

I have mentally prepared myself that I would cry while watching the movie, kasi mas maganda raw sa One More Chance. So grabe, di ba? John Lloyd’s character, Popoy made the whole nation cry. Tapos, this one’s much better? So, off I went on the second day of showing pa lang. Bakit? Dahil meron akong byahe and I don’t need hang ups. I don’t want to feel the wave of emotion during my almost 6 hrs flight to Myanmar, and 6 hours of roundtrip travel to the outskirts. I don’t want to be facilitating a workshop na tulala. I had this hangover when I watched Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends when I went to Vietnam. Bad move. I had a 6 hr land travel shortly, I arrived Ho Chi Minh and while the scientists are studying the paper related to the workshop, I was busy reading the Rurouni Kenshin Manga!

Ang haba ng backstory, in short, I don’t want the hangover get into me before I go to my official travel.

Okay, tagumpay sa pagnood ng movie, wala naman akong iniiyak, pero pag uwi ko and until now, I felt the wave of emotion, is slowly creeping into me. Mas matindi nga ito sa One more chance kasi doon, isang drama, tapos na ang lahat, may closure si Popoy at Basha. Pero ito, hello, mas matindi pala ito kasi parang life at tadhana lang, hindi mo alam talaga saan pupunta. Hindi naman ako relate sa storya pero parang may nabuksan na Pandora’s box. A whole wave of emotion swarmed into me all at the same time– loneliness, emptiness, pain, hope and faith. I’m like the pointy arrow in the short story who aimlessly continued his life afloat the uncertainty.

I’m giving myself one more day. starting Tuesday, everything should be a conscious decision.


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