The dot in the universe

Yesterday was an unusual day in the office. I went out for an official scoping mission to look for the personnel’s weekend getaway place. My officemate suggested this long, white-pebbled beach in the south. It was so simple and beautiful it made my heart stop and my mind started wheeling out my pensive mood. As I stare on the vast horizon, I saw an unending stretch of uncertainty. Where does the sea stop, I wonder. The sea reflects the vision of my future, it is out there, but I don’t know what is at the end if all this. Maybe I was thinking I am already halfway through, but maybe, in reality, I haven’t really taken that step out of the shore to sail on the seas. There is something out there that I need to do, but I don’t know what it is; but whatever it is, I’ll be like a sailboat, gliding across the vast ocean of life, having all the compass and navigation tools, but is still uncertain what I need to find and where to find it.

It made me realize how insignificant I am as much as how God is such a grand creator of all things. Even this uncertain feeling. I am humbled.


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