Sour cream and cheese dip

Mayonnaise is one Filipino kitchen staple I can live without. If most people like it in their sandwiches, Quoting Katherine Heigl, I must say “I’m in physical pain” when I have to bite that sandwich oozing with sour- sweet pickled white sauce. However, my preferences do not reflect the view of majority of the Filipinos. I don’t need statistics to prove, but, growing up, there is never an occasion, big or small, formal or informal, without the invasion of mayonnaise. Even the dip in my all-time favorite cheese sticks is a thousand islands dressing (in the Filipino version, it’s ketchup and mayonnaise). Over the years, I have accustomed myself to feel okay to eat any food with mayonnaise. But I can only manage a few bites (or maybe big bites, if I have no choice).  I have no choice and I don’t want to grow up as a difficult person to deal with, especially in the communities, so I have to live with it.

Filipinos love dips on their chips. While I hate mayonnaise, and a bit health conscious, I came across this article online, the same website that gave me my successful, delectable salted caramel brownies. I did some modifications from the original recipe. I thought, sour cream? The last time I tasted a nice dip was made by my cousin, she used all purpose cream, tomatoes, and crushed bacon. But, well, using sour cream as a base is worth trying. If it turned too sour, I still have a spare all purpose cream with me. Just in case.

 Sour cream and cheese dip

200g sour cream (Hacienda Macalauan)

120g bacon, fried and then crushed to bits ( I used King Sue)

Shredded cheddar cheese (to your heart’s content)

Medium sized bell pepper, minced

Minced parsley

It tasted perfectly with Oishi’s gourmet chips in sea salt. And I did not need to use my all purpose cream because the cheese neutralized the sourness of the cream. I still have a spare for one pack of V Cut  chips which I am dying to try later on. I think it is a good appetizer for parties or get together. It can serve 3-4 people, I think. It is perfect for a movie night party snack. I am not sure about the bacon, the bacon burned when it tried to toast it. Maybe becuase sugar was used. Nonetheless, the taste was alright, maybe the overall taste of the dip will be differ from the bacon that you will use.




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