The Flourless Chocolate Cake and the “Whatever” Chicken

I stopped cooking/baking for a couple of months, shortly after our mixer broke down. I was the last one who used it. Feeling guilty of making my parents track down a good Kitchen Aid service center in Manila, I never dared touched it again. Unfortunately, my cooking enthusiasm went in coma, too. My sister prodded me a couple of times but I won’t budge. Until a few weeks ago, when she “ordered” me to bake. My sister has this ultimate “negotiating” skill that works. Geez. And her birthday’s coming, so, I guess I have to relent. So I agreed. And she excitedly sent the link of this recipe to me.

We are regular followers of the The Fat Kid Inside blog, and, since the birthday celebrant wanted this recipe, I had to follow it. I would say it was successful, somehow, except that the cake came out a bit “crumbly.” Maybe because I added two more minutes cooking time. I was a bit apprehensive to take the cake out of the oven because the middle still jiggles.


Some modifications:

  1. I only added 1 tbsp of sugar; since we’re thinking that we don’t want the cake to be too sweet.
  2. For the chocolate, I used a combination of 1 package (340g) of Nestle chocolate chips that my auntie brought from the US and half of the package of Goya dark chocolate chips (Culinary). The result was a gooey chocolate fudge. We discovered this can be also used to top Vanilla ice cream (or any ice cream flavor). And the chocolate hardens once it touches the cold ice cream. That could be the modified chocolate shell that’s sold in the groceries.
  3. I did not make the chocolate fudge anymore, because, again, we don’t want the cake to be too sweet.
  4. I used Anchor Whipped Cream as a topping to compliment the sweetness of the chocolate.
  5. The recipe calls for 210 °C for 12 minutes, but we don’t have a digital oven or oven thermometer, so I just heated our oven to maximum then turned it lower. I cooked the cake for maybe 14 minutes. 

And it didn’t end there. The next morning, my sister asked me to cook her new favorite roasted chicken I did last week, so I did again. It’s just a mix of pantry ingredients, I don’t even know what it’s called. Anyway, here’s the recipe (no measurements; I don’t measure)

Stuffing: Half lemon (cut into quarters),  fresh basil (yes, we grow basil hihi 😀 )

Marinade: Thai fish sauce, ground black pepper, herbs, olive oil

Basting sauce: Butter

Roast at 375°C for 40 minutes on one side, then 15 minutes on the other. Serve with lettuce (we love wrapping it in lettuce). It’s a fool proof recipe for my family. Too bad tatay is not home to taste it. But we left some for him.. and for our office lunch tomorrow. We’re good at recycling and reheating food 🙂 


my sister said she couldn’t resist the chicken she has to touch it. She likes fooling around when I’m doing some serious stuff like taking a picture of this chicken for the blog.

I guess the celebrant was happy. Aside from getting her birthday loot, she got her cravings satisfied. Well, I was happy to be back in the kitchen, too, after caving for months. Now I am thinking what will be my next project. I guess I’m back in the game.


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