China Crisis and throwing back on a Thursday

I don’t get the hype of this “Throwback Thursday” in the social media spheres. If somebody knows the etymology or origin why, of all days, we have to officially reminisce past through gawky photos, would have to be on a Thursday? Is it because it starts with a letter “T?” Can’t it be Memory-loaded Monday, or, Wistful Wednesday? 

And why would I want  my malnourished years and lack of adipose tissue deposit flood the newsfeed of my contacts? Honestly. I remember my boss is a Facebook contact. Oh geez. Now I don’t know whom I should unfriend. The boss or the friend who posted the horrible pics?

Kidding aside, it’s not a big deal, actually. Fine, let the whole world see how “paper thin” I was back then or how I carry my wayward hair well. Except for this chuck taylor days reminder, I feel happy seeing photos of friends from the old days (yes, I am..middle aged). Well, that’s social media for you, you gotta have something.. sort of a fad to make everybody engaged in relating to each other on the cloud so that Mark Zuckerberg could keep his billions.

Anyway, while I refuse to join the Throwback bandwagon, I went to my uncles’ and I saw him reeking in alcohol and Depeche Mode currently playing “I just can’t get enough.” I asked him who is playing and only then I realized it was Depeche Mode. As if taking a queue from my question, he got the remote and flipped it to the previous songs until he reached “Somebody.”

“Ayan,” he says, “sa iyo yan.” Oh he knows my favorite song. 

Oh and it was my favorite version of Somebody.

And then, some things popped in. Not events, but feelings associated with the song. Before I even get carried away with the lyrics of the song, I stopped. I remember a certain professor in Philo I from college. He was known to decipher songs and elicit underpinnings from those songs. Among the songs he chose to “philosophized” were “Another Day in Paradise” and “Somebody.”  All I can remember in that piece is that the song Somebody depicts an individual who has set a standard or a list of person that s/he would like to end up with, which not a natural course of love as an emotion. Emotion being sometimes impulsive that compels someone to fall in love. Fall in love meaning defying reasons and rationalization, standards included. 

So. Before I even go to that place where longing blooms abounty, I stopped myself and excused myself to go home. 

As I went out, I remembered that today is a Thursday. 

So I have been bitten with the “Throwback Thursday” in another way. And I have decided to continually do so by listening to China Crisis my Tito lent me. He’s an 80s kid, you can almost get where I got my music preference from.


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