Of plans and future

Down with a terrible flu yesterday, I found myself contemplating about the recent facebook posts of online friends. It’s either they post about their joyous family life or their effort towards stepping the career or academic ladder (read: PhDs). In short, friends going and moving up or on  to their next chapters.

And, curled up in my bed, sweaty and dizzy with headache, I realized. Hey, the world has turned around the axis except me.

I’m stuck!

Then there’s the question: Why? Am I still in the right place? Am I still doing the right thing? I was the original planner of this dream, why is someone else out there realizing my dream?

In a split second, I stopped. It was as if an inner voice told me “Be calm. I have plans for you.” And true enough, like a child in a fit of tantrum, I felt at peace. I just got to have trust. But well, with trust comes the work and determination that should keep you searching for your “true calling.”  What sets a plan apart from the future is your response to it. You just got to have to move at some point. You can make a zillion plans in your mind, but the outcome of your future will depend on what you will do about it…to create and recreate it. And the “Prime Mover” of all things will get you to do it. In His perfect time.


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