“I stayed long enough to see people go,” was a status message of someone I knew. From that moment I have this feeling that soon enough, he will pack his bags and go somewhere else and follow his sunshine. I cannot blame people coming and going, for they have a role to play in your life. Just as it is quite admirable to see an unchanged love from people, it is actually quite a painful uncertainty to accept things that people, no matter how important they are to you, how much you are willing to give everything you’ve got, are still meant to go because your love or your care is not enough to make them stay. It is a sad reality, but we have to live with it because WE HAVE TO. Because it is a human trend to find your sunshine in every imaginable place even if actually you have found yours but decided to walk away. 🙂


No bitterness, just saying.

Thought Catalog

It’s almost that time of year again, the one we’ve all had the misfortune of knowing intimately. Here comes another Leaving Season, I say to myself, and taste it in my morning coffee. Taste it in the way spring drops sunshine upon even the most persistent end-of-winter chill (a winter swan song, if you will), taste it in the nervous energy of everyone around you who knows it’s coming too. The Leaving Season brings back my bad habit.

When you care about someone whom you are about to irreversibly and indefinitely leave, are they real? When you make the acquaintance of someone who is about to disappear from your immediate reality, do they count? If there is an expiration date on human interaction, does it make it more precious or not at all? Upon the dawning of the Leaving Season, one is affronted with a major injustice: to choose if…

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