fiddling and twiddling

day one at Lao PlazaHidingFlower arrangement at Lao Plaza HotelTuk tukTuk tukCoffee shop on our way to the noodle shop
stall before reaching the noodle shopbuying our favorite fried taro and sweet potatoLao street snack... yum!I'm happy...doesn't it show?this plateful of greens goes with the big bowl of noodles for as low as two dollars! :DPork Pate Sandwich. For only a dollar.
Gastronomic delightcomplete meal package galore. What could get better than this?with the delicious noodles, there is never an empty bowlSettling the is a bit of adjustment when you try to get used to their currency (around 10,000 Kip = 1 US$)frowning in confusionAte Jenny is happy to realize she's got more kips left to spend!
catch up session with Lao-based Filipino friends: Check!That Luang.. I love your lights!That LuangThat Luang earlier in the afternoonI think this is the Royal PalaceKing's statue

My third time to Vientiane after 8 years.. 🙂


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