Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

Okay, the last 48 hours, I had this creeping feeling of I don’t know what; so to divert my attention, I decided to bake something.

I decided tried to bake Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins. I love baking Banana bread because it is like adobo, almost fool proof.  Plus, you won’t need electric mixer when making this sweet goody.

So I surfed the net and chose the . For this recipe, chopped the chocolate bars (in replacement of chocolate chips), used skim milk for the 1/4 cup milk called for by the recipe.

The chocolate looked melted because I didn’t use chocolate chips 😀

The verdict:  It was not sweet, probably because I used brown sugar instead of caster or white sugar. The recipe didn’t say what type of sugar to use, so I opted to use the brown sugar instead. I recalled some websites used a combination of white and brown sugar. I was not able to mash the banana very well, so there are still mashed bits of it oozing out of the muffin. But it could be negligible.

As soon as it was “harvested” out of the oven, my sister took a piece and devoured on it. She gave her look of approval; so I’ like t o conclude it was successful. It was enough to chase this almost rainy day blues away. )


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