ten things to start doing to yourself

I have to reblog this entry I came across the net. The article was well-written, I have to agree to most of the points in here. I just have a few comments on finding “own” happiness. A friend pointed out before that people has different definitions and ways of seeking their “own” happiness. Sometimes, we get so immersed of finding and owning up to it, we may, one day, tend to gravitate towards Machiavelli’s man’s definition of happiness as being self-centered. Each of us seek happiness, yes, point well-taken, but it doesn’t mean it has to be always in our own terms. I’d like to raise the caveat here that towards finding our own happiness, it should be anchored into the Absolute Truth.

So if I may point out, I’d rather find Joy instead of happiness. For the feeling of joy is finding God and defining His purpose in every situation we encounter, be it good or bad. Joy can also bring grace, i.e. the rare gift from God that displays nothing but his unconditional love to us.

So read on, and try to achieve all of the things enumerated (take my “happinesss” advice into consideration) and bask in God’s blessing for the rest of 2012! Ten things to start doing to yourself 




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