Missing graduate school

My sister got admitted at UP Diliman under the Master of Science in Community Development program.
Things like this get me itching to embark on a new journey as well. The deadlines, the pressure of reading more materials, the academic-based exercises, meeting new people, and so much more. But then, I ask myself a questions: Am I ready for it?

Being ready means having the passion and confidence of exploring higher studies. Sometimes, I also ask, do I really need another degree, or more work experience?

A friend told me to submit my uncertainty to God’s will. If he wants me to study, let Him show me how to proceed. And so, that’s what I am doing right now. There are also small voices inside my head that tells me to entertain other things/activities than Graduate school.

I need to pray for discernment. I know the answer will come in God’s perfect time


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