Ice cream=Lurve

she wants real good food. Me likey real good love. hahaha!

What the heck. This is why my sugar is way above normal. Or should I also check my sodium levels; I hate and I love my sleaziness. HA.HA.HA.

I remember earlier this morning that when I decided to have my sugar checked (from the health and wellness seminar), the nurse was playing friendly (this week is Mr. Suave’s week, I swear *facepalm*). The saccharine-laden tongue of this young lass was joking like

“Ma’am, for this procedure I will be asking you some things like if you’re single or married..(with emphasis on “single” in a flirtatious tone), you’re age…” (okay okay i get it, occupational flirting.)

I was like “ohkay, uh-huh…” actually getting that point that he’s playing cutie friendly (okay, he’s cute, but I realize I’m too dense to take a hint–or whatever, I’m simply not playing the game)’s my guy friend who was getting his cholesterol check who intervened

“actually, she’s divorced..” (this was the excuse he did when the cashier from the grocery asked us if we will be paying our purchases together or separately).

“Ay Ma’am, it seems that your too young to be divorced.”

I can only smile. Oh you boys, you tire me. And what the heck is wrong with me, I’m too tired to play games. HA.

..and then I want this? HAH. What the heck. I need to learn how to play along or else I won’t find the lurve. Actually, I know how to play this game, the problem is, the last time I played it, it was with the wrong person. Oh well, actually, who says guys are already taken? Civil status is actually geogragphical- dependent. That’s one ugly truth; for most of the cases, at least.

Okay, okay, maybe a chocolate coated ice cream would do. That seems to be more feasible to have right now. Similarly it gives endorphines anyway.


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