I finally graduated. After 3 years of enduring the turmoil of a part-time graduate student, I was officially declared a graduate as of November 2, 2009. Last Saturday was my chance to bask in the triumph of pursuing my goals and dreams

But then the pursuit to becoming a better person, in any aspect, never ends. The next question I am confronted with is when will I pursue my doctoral, or what will be the next step after graduation. Barely breathing to a different level, I was suddenly tossed into this inevitable change that must happen.

Before I decide how long I’m going to put my doctorate degree on hold, let me thank the people that inspired, helped, and encouraged me to continue and finish what I have started. Some people in my class also teased my imagination and provoked me to chase this erstwhile wildest dream.

There couldn’t be any other way to reach this goal I have long set on without God’s grace through Jesus. All this time He has given me the best people to accompany me in my journey to ensure that it is always worthwhile:

To my guidance committee members: Dr. Serlie Jamias, Prof. Ma. Stella Tirol, and Dr. Aser Javier for giving me best guidance throughout this academic pursuit.

To my supportive and considerate bosses: Dr. Romeo Labios for opening the door for me to pursue my graduate studies; Dr. Virgilio Villancio, for the venerable leadership; Dip. Ingr. Martin Gummert, for letting me finish this endeavor. I will be forever grateful.

To Tita Virma Rea Lee, for patiently “walking” me through this study.

To my respondents, for accommodating me, despite the rigidity of my method; and for expressing your views freely.

To my Graduate School colleagues—from the College of Development Communication and the Institute of Development Management and Governance for the readily available intellectual exchange and random bouts.

To Jaime Gallentes, my “DevCom blockmate,” for the valuable friendship and inputs.

To my high school friends, for the occasional quality get-together to keep my life in balance—Abi, for the best friendship; Sha, my breakfast buddy; Renelle and Ged, Dianne, Tetet, Simonette, and Deng. My high school batch mates who were always there to give me source of joy.

To my former co-workers from Agricultural Systems Cluster (ASC), Corn RDE Network, and UPLB Foundation, Inc. familyManny, Chenie, Kyle, Charles, Ate Amie, Mitch, Kath, Tito Rene, Doc Nes, Ate Ana, Chris, Ate Lee, Sir Doy, and Kuya Marvin—The best work colleagues I have encountered so far. You made my work life not seem like work at all.

To my cousins- who have kept me sane all these years; Butty, for being my confidante, Kuya Yeng, Chabbi, Tiyang Maryse, Papa P., Justine, and Gail.

To my Titos and Titas who have always provided me with valuable pieces of advice.

To my “little” Forestry sisters; Nica for the encouragement and the ever-reliable Mocci.

To Tsina, for the transcription, a buddy, a protector, an entertainer and, as usual, for being more than a sister. CJ, for being expandable.

To my Tatay and Mommy, for giving me utmost support; for inculcating to me the value of being passionate in learning at any given platform; your guidance have always been infallible; thus, have always put me in the best place.

This acknowledgment was taken from my unpublished thesis. There are a lot more things to do before pursuing a doctorate degree: experience, values, principles. These are the things I need to develop first to make my future PhD stint. One most important treasure I had during my MS stay were my graduate school friends, a new breed of cohorts and intellectual friends that can provoke my mind while having fun. I must say, they are one of the most pleasurable surprises the Graduate School has brought me. ^^


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