The virgin employee in Performance appraisal

This afternoon was quite productive. I just had my Individual Performance and Development (IPaD); sort of a performance-appraisal from our institute. It aims to level off the expectations from the supervisor and the employee; in my case, what am I being expected of in lieu of our unit’s goals.

Though I am just a newbie in this institute, I still need a concrete definition how to proceed in terms of our small unit and the whole institute’s goals.

So I jotted some of the objectives; some things that I felt I needed to do for the rest of the year. My boss is very patient with a stingy employee like me. I admitted that this is my first time that I will be talking to my boss and iron out gaps, and design career challenges for me. As a two month-old employee in an international organization, I feel I have to adjust; a relatively big adjustment. The IPaD manual that I read says that I have to set SMART objectives (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Reliable and Time-bound). Since this is my first time to be in an performance appraisal activity, my boss slowly walked me through the process. In my end, here are some things that I did so the discussion will go as smoothly as possible.

Set your goal early on. In my case, as an Administrative Coordinator, I have set on my goal to make my boss’ life easier. This is something that I cleared from him as soon as we sat down, and asked him to walk me through how he wanted me to make his life easier. I told him that my purpose of being on-board is to make everyone’s life, especially his, easier. So that we can smoothly implement the project.  On top of everything, it has to be the project and the proponents.

Discuss issues encountered with boss. I have a small notebook wherein I wrote the issues I have encountered and I discussed the learnings I got from dealing with it; I also gave due credits to those who helped me along the way. My mom early on told me to do this, so it will serve as a discussion guide for me and my boss. True enough, some hidden issues surfaced and I was able to articulate it. I discussed all the things that I’ve learned from the most difficult task that I encountered and we both reach an agreement to do certain things when specific problems arises.

If there is any personal issue, bring it out. As an employee and in a diverse and more open environment, I feel that I can easily express my views here than when I was in the University. Maybe the fact that I am in an international organization, it sort of created a platform for open mindedness.  I brought out my issues to my boss, which will seem to affect me in the future so that I will get his advice how to handle it in the future. When in the first day, one employee seemed not to sit well with the idea that I edited his letter, I told my boss in this session. It’s because one employee’s attitude may hamper what I am expected to do; because I only do what is being asked of me: reviewing my terms of reference, I am expected to edit, proofread and enhance project documents and letter is a project document. If it continues, I won’t be able to perform my job well. My boss said to deal with it, and makisama na lang. Case closed. I can now move on.

Individual development plans. The IPaD has section for individual development. And so this is my chance to tell my boss how I do things in the University and how these tasks are important to me to be able to do my job efficiently. Like attending simple meetings, I immediately said that I appreciate that I am being asked to sit down during meetings because I become well-versed with the project; and the more I am well-versed, the more I won’t be needing much supervision from anybody else; the lesser burden for my boss to answer simple questions that are below his level. I have always put in mind that my goal is to make my boss’ life easier; and to know more is to make his life easier. I guess when things are like this way, the boss appreciates your idea and future effort.

Emphasize the importance of communication. As we are reflecting things, I told my boss that I always come to him personally so that I can break barriers. The more open I am with him, the more I can work effectively and vice-versa. I was even tempted to tell him not to be afraid to vent out his frustrations; because that’s how my former boss do. He vents his frustration and so I become more sensitive how to relay important information to our collaborators. I know where he is coming from and this will smoothen the communication flow between him and the other party; with me mediating.

Next post, hopefully, I can post the SMART objectives I have come up with.

After this objective-setting session, I will be evaluated at the end of the year; so better come up with SMART objectives soon.


3 thoughts on “The virgin employee in Performance appraisal

  1. ayus to reianne! i am glad that you’re learning a lot of things from you current job! hehe. rei pwede ka na sa ad philips. 😀 i think yun yung essence ng soul mo o pagiging reianne, you like to make life easier for people you care about. I’m glad na manuscript na lang at boys ang gumugulo sa utak mo hehe. I’m happy din na nasa isang trabaho ka na alam kong masaya ka, ayon sa nakikita ko. Masmagaan ang aura mo ngayon kaysa sa dati :). For that, I am happy for you. Take care always.

  2. Thanks Abi! 🙂 Five years din ang hinintay natin; it will really take time before we get ourselves poised and be confident to take on to the world.

    Ano ‘yung ad philips? hehe.

    Siguro nga, ito ‘yung role ko talaga. I thrive in people’s needs. Service-oriented na moody nga lang. 😀

    Siguro kasi sa UP, walang ganito; tapos sa ganitong institute pa valued ang opinion mo. siguro kasi yung boss ko ipinakita sa akin na pwede ko siyang lapitan talaga; parang colleague. tapos eto nga, international setting, bawal ang mag inarte. Ang dami ko rin kasing unresolved issues kaya ako umalis doon tapos dito nagiging idealistic tuloy ako. Sana lang talaga it will work well; sa totoo lang kasi, nag aadjust pa rin ako. marami pang kailangang matutunan pero ine-enjoy ko na lang. Tinulungan din ako ng nanay ko kung paano mag adjust.

    Actually, mas tumaba ako ngayon hehe. 🙂 so far, so good. sana pumasa sa end of probation period. 🙂 Mag ingat ka rin lagi, kita tayo pagbalik mo ng LB. Bitin ako sa huling kwentuhan natin. 🙂

  3. Performance appraisals are usually by your previous employers. It is just to prove your working preformance from your ex employer, it works just like a key performance indicator whether you had achieved the targets set by your employer and your working attitude when you were working with them.

    If you don’t have it, inform the interviewers and try to get testimonials from your ex employer if they can provide for you, normally the case once an employee leaves the company, he/she will get a testimonial letter automatically or by request.

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