You are this person whom I’d like to fondly call my one-night prince.

You always rescue my dreary heart by showering me with your kindness. My longing heart was filled with love when you held my hand one chilly afternoon. And then again one sunny afternoon.

And again and again, whenever I feel longing for someone to love me. Your hand was just right there, finding mine filled with longing. You even danced with my heart one lonely night. Suddenly, you became my heart’s refuge.

You always make me feel special, a friend, and gives me this assumption that I can be somebody beyond being what we are now.

Each day with you is always worth looking forward and back. There was never a time you made me at least, live in the illusion that I can be loved by somebody.

Your furtive glances spells a lifetime that I’d like to spend gazing at them. Your gentle smile makes me whisper a silly wishful thinking that I was the one who caused it.

You hold my hand completely obliterating things that spell loneliness and fear. Your fingers were just enough to fill the spaces between mine, securing my heart in it amidst the uncertainty.

Yes, you gave me the illusion of being loved.

I know this is just a dream that lasts at the strike of midnight. For the next day, you will choose a life without me again.

But you got me wanting this feeling, though laden with uncertainty. You made me want to spend a lifetime of uncertainty as long as your fingers are locked into mine.

You made Cinderella feel that she can love somebody and be loved.

Am I naïve? Maybe. And with that, comes realization that I should be stronger, holding on to my logics, so as to defy my stubborn heart.

That our dance is over.

Or, there was no fairy tale at all.

My dear one night prince, who was so chivalrous to take my hand and dance with me; my prince who made me feel that a girl like me can dream and make it true—my heart’s refuge, albeit furtively; our time has ran out.

..and I have to wake up from this illusion.

For you have long awakened and chose to live your life without me.


2 thoughts on “08.08.2009

  1. KOREK! Palaka siya, Abi!! Thanks for always making me feel better.

    Actually, I’m posting these things one by one…a way of getting over (for me) is telling the world you’ve been hurt (kahit gaano pa ka-OA; walang maliit na bagay na nakakasakit) and you’re ready to move forward.

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