da killer look

If only looks could kill, I could have killed someone once.

And I would have been killed twice.

It’s okay if it was flirting or those cutesy-cutesy stuff.  What transpired between this “unknown” being  and me was rather mere exchanges of dirty looks.

The first time happened when there’s this anniversary of a fraternity and I had to run for last minute errands for my sister’s birthday; as I was driving slowly, passing through the parking lot where the “men” were hanging out, something popped on my rear wheel. They laughed and one guy checked my wheel and said “Ay wala, miss, plastic lang.”

I was so annoyed that I threw dirty look at them. These, kids, I thought, can’t they have fun somewhere else, BUT the driveway?

When I glanced back at the road, I saw someone standing in my way. He, too, was staring at me. And, he STARED at me, as if memorizing my feature. Maybe, I thought, if I was a guy, and my high school cousin is not sitting next to me, my brain would have been picked up by the fratmen on the floor. Oh, well, I gave him a dirty look as well; for blocking my way. His brods pulled him away and told him he’s drunk already. Whatever.I drove back home.

Two days after that, which is this morning, I was on my way to the dentist when this biking guy passed by our block. I managed to look at him, as a passerby, and he was looking at me. Intently. Same kind of stare that I got from that guy, except that I don’t know if this is the same guy. Whatever. He seemed to memorize my face, profile, whatever. I didn’t give him a dirty look this time; I just looked away.

Now it kind of freaks me out if that was the same guy I encountered a few days ago.  If he wanted to kill me by his looks, he just did. Just gave me a sense of “clueless” paranoia.

Look, Mr. Killer Look, I am sorry if I have offended you in any way;  If you were the same man the other day, just please, don’t block the driveway. If you are admiring my baseball-like glams, thank you, but, they’re not as hot as Megan Fox’s so, don’t waste your time staring at them. If I seem to have booger on my face, please say so, I’d appreciate it. Staring freaks me out, unless from someone I like.


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