My temporary blavatar (webbies do come up with weird monikers) courtesy of my best friend, Abi .

The image was called “Waiting.” I remember one night when she doodled (but to my standards, I could have spent hours drawing) a wavy-haired girl covered with snow. She said that was her interpretation of me, the girls who waits and waits in all aspects.  Ganun kalala. Natabunan na ako ng snow. So when I saw this artwork, I immediately asked her if I have something to do with her artwork. “Yeah, somehow,” she said.

See, we spent our lives waiting things to happen the way we wanted it; psychological fulfillment, wrapped in seemingly impossible endeavors. That was a decade ago, when we were caught up being a diligent student and child, trapped in things that we thought mattered. I was enrolled in Agriculture, a redemption to make my parents proud; she was enrolled in Biology, to become a doctor someday, because she loves being with children. Through our journey, she realized she was meant to be an artist; I still wanted to be a communicator. I want to shift to Development Communication.  And so the big decision seeped in: Shall we wait to make things happen?

She was the first one who stopped waiting; she defied odds and pursued her dream. As for me, I remained passive, tortured myself a few more years until I got my degree. The moment I got the chance, I applied for a Master’s degree in Development Communication. A tough road, I daresay. And she’s now a brilliant freelance artist. I’m almost finished with the first draft of my thesis manuscript.

I would like to believe that we have stopped waiting, and started chasing for our dreams; and everything just fell into place after that.  We are now just merely waiting the prize for trudging the road less travelled. I would like to believe that.

More of my best friend’s artworks are here .


3 thoughts on “Blah-vatar

  1. Ginagawa ko ang artwork na ito para sayo hehe. Lagi kong nalilimutan yung mga artwork ko na ibibigay ko sayo hehe buti na lang puti walls mo hehe. XD

    • Wow, touched naman ako hehehehe. Kinuha ko (wala kasing paalam) ang gravatar mo, gravatar ba ito o blavatar? ang labo. heehehe.

      Hehehehe ok lang yon no meron naman akong artworks mo; nasa laptop ko hehehe.

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