A new home courtesy of wordpress

This is my new blog. I plan it keep it low key, because I plan to make this as repository just about anything–from sheer idiosyncrasy to ignoramus intellectual bouts.

Abi, My best friend, prodded me to create a themed blog. It took me almost a year to think about what theme would it be; finally, I decided to just make it as a personal notes of my journey, as every moment in life is worthy of being laughed at, cried over, and pondered on. No matter how mundane it is.

I’ve written hundreds of letters, and thousands of random thoughts, some may need serious grammatical editing; some can be called pwede na survivors. But the most important thing is, this is my life, how I view each facet of it.

My mood may change from cynical to cheesy. That’s C and C for you. Blame it on my typical cancerian trait.

But I assure you, this is my heart writing typing the words straight out of it.

I am now 28, there is no reason to be afraid of some things, that I was afraid to do/tell, and this is the redemption of my 27-year struggle with silence, or words left unsaid or feelings left unexpressed.

Life is too short to keep some things on your own. You cannot keep your secrets in a box like Pandora’s. So before anything grand or weird would pan out from it, let me do this gradually.

I hope I can live up to this new found courage.  So, bear with me.


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